WFMU has recently started broadcasting on a new transmitter, covering NYC, so all the great top of the hour station IDs I produced over the years are suddenly obsolete!

I'll start rebuilding, but I thought this might be a great way to involve the show's listeners.

So if YOU are interested in helping me make some new WFMU IDs here is what you need to do:

Send me an mp3 or wav file of you reading these words

WFMU, East Orange
WMFU, Mount Hope
In New York City and Rockland County at 91.9 FM
And online at WFMU.org

Some things to know:

-I'm looking for fairly straight forward readings.
-To make this FCC compliant: make sure you read those words in that order, exactly as written.
-Feel free to throw anything in BEFORE and/or AFTER.
A great example of something to add before would be: Hi this is listener Oscar from Manhattan and you're listening to... then read the ID as written (inserting your name in place of Oscar's)
Or after: stay tuned for more #1 hits!, or mention the show, or that it's Saturday, or that we're the world's greatest radio station...
-Do not use a fake announcery voice.
-Do not use any compression or special effects.
-The sound quality doesn't have to be great, but at least pretty good.
-Feel free to send several versions for me to choose from.
-If you want to make it into a song or a huge production - go ahead.
-Please understand that it might take a while till I use them all.


michaels (@) wfmu .org