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Shonen Knife Heavy Songs CD

Featuring the songs:

  • 1. A Map Master
  • 2. A.A.A.
  • 3. Golden Years Of Rock'n'Roll
  • 4. Rubber Band
  • 5. Heavy Song
  • 6. A Boogie Monster
  • 7. Mushroom Hair Cut
  • 8. Whatever
  • 9. Pigmy Jerboa
  • 10. An Elephant Insect
  • 11. Computer Language
  • 12. Mango Juice

    The 12 songs on this album are a delightful amalgam of styles and subjects. The album's misleadingly gloomy title cut warns against eating too many rich cakes and ending up like "the big Elvis." "A Map Master" finds Naoko cheerfully admitting her dependence on a compass due to her poor sense of direction. The peppy "Golden Years of Rock and Roll" describes a wistful young fan anticipating (and being disappointed by) a big 50s nostalgia concert. And "A Boogie Monster" complete with its funky Shaft-like bass line and eerie violin and flute parts, pays tribute to bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and KC and the Sunshine Band, while telling the story of an alien who drinks space wine. Revered Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith lends his vocal talents to the duet "An Elephant Insect", a song about a creature who has a big nose and wings (but can't fly). The album also includes a lovely sitar-drenched song for George Harrison, "Mango Juice".

    Shonen Knife's distinctive talents and sensibilities have been enthusiastically praised by a who's who of rockers, including early recognition by Kurt Cobain. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth doted on them, and went so far as to co-write and record a Christmas tune with Naoko. Evidence of their international popularity surfaced when, in 1986, a track of theirs appeared on the Sub Pop 100 compilation. Larger recognition was gained when Redd Kross championed them, and in 1989, along with a variety of alternative bands, recorded a tribute album of their songs called "Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them." Shonen Knife's reputation gained further momentum when they played some well-timed dates opening for Nirvana, who were just about to break out with 'Nevermind"