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A collection on non-lp cuts, cover songs, live songs, alternate versions, home demos and other previously unreleased oddball tracks.

leftovers by Joff Winterhart

CLICK HERE to buy a cd copy

CLICK HERE to download the 27 track album for $5.99 from Bandcamp.

CLICK HERE for the free 17 page liner notes to Michael Shelley's "Leftovers" in Word doc format.

The songs:
1) Julie (Bobby Fuller cover)
2) Ridin' In My Car (NRBQ cover)
3) Little Things (Bobby Goldboro cover)
4) Walk (Gene Pitney cover)
5) Mellow Doubt (Teenage Fanclub cover)
6) I Don't Want Control Of You (Teenage Fanclub cover)
7) Baby It's You (Shirelles cover)
8) One Step Beyond (Prince Buster/Madness cover)
9) Cheeky Monkey - Free Again (Alex Chilton Cover)
10) Baby's In A Bad Mood (Non Lp Version)
11) Summer I Pissed You Away (Non Lp Version)
12) Too Many Movies (Non Lp Version)
13) The Girl With The Light In Her Eyes (Non Lp Version)
14) Don't (Non Lp Version)
15) No Smoking (Unreleased in the USA)
16) Little Monkey (Unreleased in the USA)
17) Have You Ever Shot Somebody (Non lp)
18) Goofball (Demo)
19) A Little Bit Lonesome, A Little Bit Blue (Demo)
20) Lisa Marie (Demo)
21) Hey Girl I Dig You (Demo)
22) Rollercoaster (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)
23) Baby's In A Bad Mood - (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)
24) That Kind Of Girl - (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)
25) Surfer Joan - (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)
26) Going To L.A. - (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)
27) Think With Your Heart - (Live At Stubbs, Austin Tx.)

Thanks to Joff Winterhart for the cover art!