The story of Michael Shelley's version of Teenage Fanclub's "Mellow Doubt"

CLICK HERE! - The original mix (that they really mastered the shit out of) that was released on the CD.

CLICK HERE! - Not sure what stage of things this mix is from, but it is clearly early - the main differences being: many things at odd levels (lower drums, etc), NO stylophone solo (at the end) and there is no fade out - this is a new edit with the live "doot doot" bridge vocals swapped for the re-done "mmmm mmmm" bridge vocals & its been "mastered" a bit.

CLICK HERE! - This is the same as in version just above, but this has the "doot doot" bridge vocals that I sang live, and it is un-mastered.

CLICK HERE - This is the same original mix as released on CD, just pre mastering - but it sounds really different.

HERE is the page at the NOT LAME website about the final album.


I was working at my desk this week, with my computer's music library in shuffle mode and a song came on & I thought "this sounds good, what is it?" - it was my own version of the Teenage Fanclub song "Mellow Doubt" - I know it sounds impossible to not recognize your own recording & voice - but I swear it was true (for about 12 seconds) - I thought it was The Foo Fighters or something... I guess it had been a few years since I'd heard the recording.

It was recorded for a Teenage Fanclub tribute album called "What A Concept" that was released on the Not Lame label.

Here are some semi interesting things about the recording:

It started at Peter Katis' Tarquin Studio, where I did the a scratch guitar & scratch vocal & then overdubbed the drums. Then I quickly did two tracks of vocals - both 1st takes & both one continuous take - thinking these would be a guide during the rest of the recording - but I ended up keeping them both - except for the humming in the bridge. It's really odd how well they turned out - considering I'd never practiced singing the harmony part.

Then I took the drum & vocal tracks home & added the bass (through my guitar amp), keyboards (Casio through boss tremolo & compression pedals through an amp), Stylophone (the solo at the fade out, that sounds like a guitar), shaker & most of the electric guitars. All recorded onto ADAT, but through my 4 Track cassette, because it was the only mixer I had.

The I went to Ron Zabroki’s studio & re-sang the humming part on the bridge (from “doot doot” to “mmmm” “mmmm”) maybe added more electric guitar (the tremolo parts), the acoustic guitars & mixed it.

I was amazed how different (in a good way) it sounded on the finished CD, due to the heavy mastering.

HERE IS A BLOG that call this the 89th best cover version of ALL TIME.

Tarquin Studios
Ron Zabroki's Studio
Not Lame's page that sells the CD

Oddly enough, this is the 2nd Teenage Fanclub tribute I'd had a song on. More details on the other one are HERE