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Welcome to the official Michael Shelley website. World Headquarters for information about singer-songwriter/WFMU-DJ Michael Shelley (and the band Cheeky Monkey.) If you look around you'll find photos, links, mp3s, contact info and more information then you could possibly need.

Laura Cantrell & Michael Shelley

Juniper LP cover by Joff Winterhart

Michael Shelley -JImmy's Corner CD Cover

Michael Shelley - Leftovers CD Cover

Michael Shelley - Goodbye Cheater

Michael Shelley - I Blame You CD

Michael Shelley Cheeky Monkey cd cover

Michael Shelley - Too Many Movies CD

Michael Shelley - Half Empty CD

Recent News:

Winter 2021

Laura Cantrell and Michael have teamed up for an amazing new version of the 1973 George Jones And Tammy Wynette holiday Classic "Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus" CLICK HERE for more information!

Summer 2020

The Juniper album is out. Twelve songs, produced by Michael with some amazing writers and musicians. CLICK HERE to get your copy and to read some great press about the project and CLICK HERE for links to streaming, downloading, etc.

Spring 2019

Michael has written and produced the new debut single by 14 year old Juniper. CLICK HERE for more information.

Winter 2019

Michael will be singing a couple of songs on February 27th at Sid Gold's Request Room as part of Laura Cantrell's States of Country series' spotlight on New Jersey!

Fall 2018

The Michael Shelley Band will be appearing with Glasgow band Starry Skies at Otto's Shrunken Head - Monday Nov 12.

Summer 2018

Michael has interviewed a bunch of interesting people for the Please Kill Me website.

Interview fans: dont forget Michael's Podcast.

Winter 2017

Michael has a brand new song available on the new "Hit The Hay Vol. 9" compilation from Sweden's Sound Asleep Records. More info HERE!


The Michael Shelley Band will be appearing with JAY GONZALEZ and Marvelous Toy at UNION HALL in Park Slope, Brooklyn - Saturday July 2nd.

CLICK HERE to download of the new album "Live At Monty Hall"
CLICK HERE to watch the videos of the Monty Hall show

The Michael Shelley Band will be appearing with LAURA CANTRELL at MONTY HALL in Jersey City, Saturday January 16th.
Our last show together sold out, so buy your tickets ahead of time.

CLICK HERE for a ukulele cover of a Michael Shelley song !


Michael has a new album. It is quite unusual. Read all about it HERE

The Michael Shelley Band will be appearing with LAURA CANTRELL at UNION HALL in Brooklyn, Tuesday, May 26th.


The Michael Shelley Band (Michael w/ John Lee, Steve Goulding & Jay Sherman-Godfrey) will be playing on a bill with Rebecca Turner and Jenny & The Felines at the Springfield Elks Lodge on Friday June 27, 2014 at 8:00 pm. CLICK HERE for more info.

CLICK HERE for info on a gig Friday March 28th.

FALL/WINTER 2012/2013

CLICK HERE for an very nice article on Michael in the Montclair Times.

You might enjoy these videos:

The Leaves Fell Off The Trees
Summer I Pissed You Away
Ridin' In My Car
R. Stevie Moore's version of "Down"


Michael Shelley - Leftovers CD Cover

Michael has a new album called Leftovers! Read all about it HERE

FALL/WINTER 2011/2012

Michael put together an amazing compilation called "Super Hits Of The Seventies." CLICK HERE to read all about it!

Michael Carpenter did a very nice version of the Michael Shelley song "She's Not You" - CLICK HERE to hear it!

FALL/WINTER 2010/2011

The Michael Shelley Band will be back at The Lakeside Lounge Wednesdays December 29 and January 26 and Thursdays February 24 and March 24! Admission is 100% free. For set times, address & other info visit the club's web site!

The New Yorker magazine did a nice write up of our last Lakeside Lounge gig CLICK HERE to read it!.


The Michael Shelley Band featuring: Steve Goulding and John Lee and Jay Sherman-Godfrey will be back at The Lakeside Lounge Wednesdays June 23 and Sept 8, 2010! Admission is 100% free. For set times, address & other info visit the club's web site! Feel free to email a set list request. We will quite possibly joined on stage by Jon Graboff and/or Dan Miller - more news on the exact line up as it shapes up!

Michael has contributed a short piece (about a shoplifting experience) to Gary Calamar's excellent new book Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again.


The Michael Shelley Band featuring: Steve Goulding and John Lee and Jay Sherman-Godfrey will be back at The Lakeside Lounge Wednesday April 7th, 2010! Admission is 100% free. For set times, address & other info visit the club's web site!

FALL 2009

The Michael Shelley Band featuring our heros: Steve Goulding and Jon Graboff and/or John Lee and Jay Sherman-Godfrey will be back at The Lakeside Lounge Thursday January 14th, 2010! Admission is still 100% free. For set times, address & other info visit the club's web site!

February 2009

To read all about Michael's version of the Teenage Fanclub song "Mellow Doubt" (with 4 free Mp3s) CLICK HERE

Roctober 2008

CLICK HERE to hear Michael Shelley's interview with John McCain!

Thursday, October 16th, 8-11pm - The WFMU Calvalcade of Stars!
Come on down to the Tip Top Bar & Grill for a live remote radio event! WFMU rock & roll/rock & soul radio stars Gaylord Fields, Debbie D, Rex, Mr. Finewine, Michael Shelley and Todd-o-Phonic Todd join Dave The Spazz in a battle for turntable supremacy! There'll be free FMU swag, a Cornish game hen raffle plus other surprises! The Tip Top Bar & Grill is located at 432 Franklin Avenue in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn (two blocks from the Franklin Avenue C stop). This will be a live radio event not to be missed either in person or on the airwaves!

September 2008

Two blogs that might interest you:
CLICK HERE to download The Bobby Fuller Tribute Album - for free
CLICK HERE to read Roy Moller blog entry about Michael!

March 2008

We're experimenting with a SALE! on CDs!


CD BABY has just begun selling MP3s directly and we highly recommend you purchase your Michael Shelley MP3s through their web site. For a price much lower then iTunes you get very high quality regular MP3 files for easy use in any computer or iPod or MP3 player, a JPG of the album cover & a text file full of info like song titles, notes & links. CLICK HERE for more info!

February 2008

Michael will be playing a few solo songs Feb., 9 at the Saturday Afternoon Song Swap at Cafe Meow in Maplewood, NJ. It's 100% free!
CLICK HERE for the full line up, address & more info.

February 2007

The interview portion of Michael's weekly radio show is now being podcast. If you have iTunes click HERE for info. Or click HERE for instructions on how to subscribe without iTunes and for information about how this whole podcast thing works. A list of past & upcoming guests (including Solomon Burke, Sonny Curtis, Lalo Schifrin, Gary Lewis, Kim Shattuck of the Muffs, Robbie Fulks, Colin Hare of Honeybus, Clarence Carter, Osvaldo Fattoruso of Los Shakers, Johnny Rivers & Peter Holsapple) can be found HERE.

January 2007

There's a new website for Confidential Recordings HERE.

Folks in the USA can catch two of Michael's songs in the ABC TV show The Knights Of Prosperity. The episodes will air Wednesday Jan 24th & 31st with portions of the songs "Let's Fall In Hate" & "I Blame You." If you miss it you can watch them for free anytime on ABC's website.

October 2006

The new issue of MOJO magazine (the one with Hendrix on the cover) has a pretty nice review of Goodbye Cheater.

Excellent news: as of October 21 Michael's weekly radio show on WFMU is now an hour longer. Tune in Saturday mornings 10am-1pm. In the NY/NJ area that's 91.1fm & in the Hudson Valley 90.1fm. Elsewhere: listen live on the web. Check the playlists & archives HERE.

Michael & Francis Macdonald made a record under the band name "Cheeky Monkey". After many requests for info we've started a page that tells the whole Cheeky Monkey story HERE!

Even though Michael's first two albums are sadly out of print in the USA, thanks to our pals at Apple iTunes you can now download the "Half Empty" album HERE and the "Too Many Movies" album HERE.

Just fyi: there is now a Michael Shelley MySpace page.

August 2006

The Michael Shelley Band featuring our heros: Steve Goulding and/or Jon Graboff and/or John Lee and/or Jay Sherman-Godfrey and/or David Terhune will be back at The Lakeside Lounge for two shows this sumnmer. Thursday July 27th and Friday Aug 25th. Admission is still 100% free. For set times, address & other info visit the club's web site!

Good news for the summer! Starting June 24th Michael will be DJing every Saturday morning 10am-Noon on WFMU! In the New York/New Jersey area that's 91.1fm & in the Hudson Valley 90.1fm. Elsewhere: listen on the web. If you miss a show, or live so far away that you'll be asleep, dont worry they'll all be archived HERE.

May 2006

Folks with Apple iTunes can download the "Goodbye Cheater" album HERE and the "I Blame You" album HERE.

April 2006

Joe Furey's very funny film "Love And Support" (which features Michael's song "Think With Your Heart") is now out on DVD. Buy it HERE!

The Michael Shelley band featuring Steve Goulding, Jon Graboff & John Lee will be back at The Lakeside Lounge on Friday April 21st. The concert starts at 11pm sharp, admission is 100% free, but the hat might be passed.

Good news for our friends in Spain: "Goodbye Cheater" has been released there on the Rock Indiana Records label!

March 2006

Many folks have emailed Michael asking him questions about all kinds of things. We've decided to go public. Feel free to ASK MICHAEL anything that's on your mind, and you'll see the answers on this web site.

February 2006

Here is a new review of "Goodbye Cheater" that says (among other insights) "Each of his albums is a lesson in breathless pure pop touched by a country wind." Check it out.

January 2006

Check out the "Goodbye Cheater" review in an article titled "Ten You May Have Missed In 2005" by Gary Pig Gold in the new issue of Ear Candy Magazine and also posted on Fufkin.com.

On January 23rd folks in the USA can check out Michael's song "The Girl With The Light In Her Eyes" on the 2nd episode of the new ABC tv show "Emily's Reasons Why Not".
Looks like ABC cancelled this show after airing the first episode... we'll keep you posted if they ever air this.

December 2005

Michael's song "I've Been Trying", a duet with Laura Cantrell, appears on a free cd sampler included with the newly released issue #61 of the always excellent magazine"Pop Culture Press".

Here's an bunch of photos from an old L.A. show.

Here's an interesting blog all about WFMU which mentions one of Michael's recent radio shows.

For last minute holiday gifts dont forget to visit Confidential Recordings!

November 2005

Comic artist Mardou made a funny sketch of Michael. CLICK HERE to see it.

September 2005

Michael & the band will be back at The Lakeside Lounge on October 24. Shockingly, admission is 100% free!

July 2005

There's a very nice review in the new issue of the always excellent Amplifier, read it on the press page, then visit their web site.

Michael gets called a Bastard in this review on the Americana UK Website.

If you speak German here's a review from "OX" magazine (there's an english translation too).

May 2005

Check out the review of "Goodbye Cheater" on the Bumpershot Website.

There's also a nice review in the new issue of No Depression, read it on the press page.

There's also a nice review in The Onion, read it on the press page.

On the new album Michael covers a great song by Sonny Curtis "I Wanna Go Bummin' Around". Check out Sonny's Website, where he says some nice words about the album, including: "It's real nice to listen to."

April 2005

Michael's new album "Goodbye Cheater" has just been released. Get your copy on the buy stuff page, or from the Confidential Recordings on-line shop. For more info on the album, check the discography page.

You can read about & listen to some MP3s of the new album on the interesting songs:illinois blog.

March 2005

Reviews of "Goodbye Cheater" are starting to come in, HERE is a nice one from the All Music Guide.

Michael & R. Stevie Moore have written a song together called She Broke Both Our Hearts. They perform a nice duet of it on Stevie's newish release "Save R. Stevie".

There are some newly posted photos from Michael's Japan tour & some photos of his High School band HERE.

January 2005

The release date for Michael's next album is set. "Goodbye Cheater" will be released in the April 12 on the Confidential Recordings label. Check the discography page for a list of the songs & a preview of the cover art.

CLICK HERE to see two new lovely silkscreened posters.

November 2004

There's a brand new interview with Michael on the UK site "Speakers Push The Air"... it's worth a look.

Rocktober 2004

There's a nice review of the new Heliotone 8" HERE (near the bottom of the page).
It's worth reading, but here's a quote: "This six-track release features a selection of unreleased material, covers and outtakes and acts as a perfect starting point to this uniquely wistful talent".

September 2004

UK label Heliotone Records will be releasing an 8" six song lathe cut record of unreleased and under-released recordings. It should be available by the end of the month, but you can order yours now. This will be an extremely limited pressing and we have a feeling it will sell out rather quickly, so if you need a copy - do not hesitate. There is more info and sound samples on their site.

Jon Graboff, multi-instrumentalist in Michael's band/solo artist/sideman to the stars, has a brand new web site! Check it out HERE!

June 2004

Starting June 19 you can listen to Michael play great records every Saturday morning from 6am - 9am on WFMU (that's 91.1fm in the New York area). If you can't get up that early, dont worry, all the programs will be archived here.

The entire "I Blame You" album is now available for dowload from Apple iTunes.

Living legend R. Stevie Moore has had the good taste to cover the Cheeky Monkey song "Down" on his new album CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR! The All Music Guide calls it "...an enjoyably bonkers cover of Cheeky Monkey's power pop nugget "Down."

April 2004

Click here for three free MP3s of non-lp versions of Michael's songs.

January 2004!


Michael's new album is 100% finished. We'll keep you posted on any release info as soon as plans are made.

The NOT LAME label is taking pre-orders for the Teenage Fanclub Tribute - What A Concept? which features Michael's version of the TFC song "Mellow Doubt". There's an MP3 sample of the song HERE!!

September 2003


August 2003

Michael is busy working on his new album. More details as we get them. Meanwhile CLICK HERE TO SEE A RECENT SUMMER PHOTO!

April 2003

HEY! Check out the photos of Michael's trip to SXSW!

March 2003

Michael and the band (Steve Goulding & Scott Yoder) will be playing at the South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas at the Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W. 4th St.) Thursday, March 13 at 10:00 p.m.

January 2003

Michael has contributed a version of "I Don't Want Control Of You" to a just released Teenage Fanclub tribute album called "Is This Music?". It's on Japan's Painted Sky label. There are also tracks by Francis Macdonald, The Pearlfishers, Jon Auer, Duglas T. Stewart, The Mayflies usa, Mike Randle & cool cover art by Jad Fair. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

December 2002

Michael has contributed a list of his favorite albums of the 90's to the web site Jumping Fences (which bills itself as "An Assemblage of Music Lists").

Michael's song "Think With Your Heart" is featured in a new film by Joe Furey called "Love And Support". If you live in the New York area you can catch a screening of it Wednesday December 11 at 8:30pm at the Anthology Archives (32 Second Avenue on the corner of E. 2nd St. and 2nd Ave.).

For last minute holiday gifts dont forget the latest from Confidential Recordings!

Rocktober 2002

Michael dj-ing on WFMU Sat 10/19 Noon - 3 AND Mon 10/7 3pm - 6pm AND Mon 10/14 3pm - 6pm.TUNE IN.

September 2002

"He's A Rebel: The Gene Pitney Story Retold" has just been released! It includes Michael's version of the song "Walk". The details are HERE!


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